The Process

We start by gathering your ideas, logos, colors, needs, vehicle types, and getting a feel for what you would like to see. Our designers will take over from there to put proofs together. We design using the latest templates to give you a realistic preview of what your vehicle will look like. Once everything is approved to move on to print. This usually begins the next day and can take 1-3 days. Next we will laminate, adding life and protection to the wrap. Next is the installation process. Once your prints are laminated we will schedule your vehicle for install. This typically takes 2 days. Before bringing your vehicle, we ask that you hand wash it to remove bugs, dirt, dust, oil, tar, and anything else that would affect adhesion of your graphics. When your vehicle arrives, it will spend its time behind our locked gate or in one of our climate-controlled install bays. We can accommodate up to 2 53′ semi-trailers at once or 10 more normal-sized vehicles.

The designers and installers at Go Print USA started wrapping vehicles at the start of the industry nearly 25 years ago. Today, vehicle wraps are still growing in popularity, and why not? With phone books going the way of the dodo, advertising on your vehicle is a low-cost, high-impact way to reach customers in your direct area. Vehicle graphics grab more eyeballs per dollar than traditional advertising media, making them a welcome fit in your marketing budget. These fleet graphics and vehicle wraps are printed with your message and can be full or partial coverage. We use the giants of the industry to supply our films, 3M and Avery, ensuring quality, peace of mind and the longest warranties in the industry. Check with your lease provider, but nearly all allow for high-quality graphics that can be removed at lease termination.

What’s also gaining popularity are color-change and personalized wraps for personal cars and trucks, boats, motorhomes, and trailers. You can choose a color or two, or we can do a printed, custom design to help you stand out of the crowd. Vehicle wraps also serve to help protect the original paint from sun, gravel, and door ding damage. If that’s not enough, we also offer full paint protection wraps. The material is a clear urethane film that comes in gloss or satin matte and can be applied to high-profile areas or covering the full car. Let the certified installers at Go Print USA complete your wrap to perfection.

Vehicle Wrap Care?