Vehicle Wrap Care

Now that you have your car back from the wrap shop, how do you care for it? Paint and vinyl share many care tips. First, crashing, rubbing parking poles, and backing into trees is extremely bad. You knew that already, right?

Frequent washing – dirt, chemicals, and grime play havoc on adhesives and shorten the life span. Get that crap off there. You cared enough about your ride to invest in wrapping it, spend a few bucks at the car wash. While we’re at it, hand-washing is best, and there are wrap specific soaps. Hand-washing also gives you a chance to give your car a once over looking for potential failures. Next, brushless washes are the next best choice. Never use a high pressure washer, unless you are ready to remove it.

Outdoor Elements – sun, wind, and hail are bad. Believe me, I love the sun and beaches and salt water, but wraps don’t. Ideally, your graphics will last longest if your car is always garaged. Not really the point of a car, huh? Try to park in the shade; the interior will thank you, too. Wind carries dirt and sand that are abrasive and wear away your vinyl. Park a little farther out in the parking lot. You’ll avoid door dings and get some extra steps in, too. Expecting extreme weather? Uber, or find a safe place under cover. A call to your insurance agent to make sure your wrap is covered is also a great idea.

These tips will help extend the life of your vinyl wrap, and paint for that matter. No wrap will last forever. Much like taking jewelry in to the store to get checked out for potential issues, swing your car by your wrap professional to have them give you a check in. This doesn’t need to be done monthly, but every 6-12 months should be good.

Now, get out and show that sweet ride off, rubber side down and between the lines.


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