One of the areas we have invested heavily in over the past 2 years is in our label printing and finishing equipment. We are excited that we now have the right method to do runs from 50 to 50,000 and more at a terrific price point. That is why our labels are in convenience stores and retail shops all across Oklahoma and the region. We also ship many out of state. With multiple printers and finishing stations, Go Print can make relatively short work of even the largest orders. Custom roll labels are great for packaging and identity. They can be used for food and beverage products, hot or cold items, as well as chemical or ingredient notification. They can also be applied to bags or packaging you already own, to help you showcase your brand.

We can print on several materials to be suitable for indoor or outdoor use and additionally can laminate with gloss or matte film. We are able to produce labels with a custom shape or specific size, as well. We also can do these for hard hats or sports helmets, holding up to the toughest abuse. We are able to print with barcodes for UPC scanning or QR codes to direct to a webpage for registration or a survey. Lamination is another way to add life to your labels.

What is the difference between a label and a sticker? Semantics, for the most part, but labels usually refer to an adhesive product being applied in a consistent manner on a set product and produced on a continuous roll. While stickers, and maybe even decals, are normally individual and often handed out as promotion and can be placed anywhere, car windows, computer monitors, bathroom stalls, the possibilities are endless (but please check local laws regarding placement).

Order yours below. E-mail us for custom shapes.

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