Restaurants have never had more options when it comes to menu printing. Go Print USA prints all types, kid’s menus and activity sheets, to go menus, menus to insert in clear, plastic sleeves, rigid laminated menus, half-fold and tri-fold options, and synthetic, waterproof menus.

Menu Inserts – These are single sided sheets, placed in clear plastic sleeves. Options for this come in 6 to 12 page and a few sizes. This is a great choice for restaurants that have frequent price or item changes. Very economical, if you already have covers.

Laminated Menus – An oldie but a goodie. A simple, long lasting solution for single sheet menus. Can also be bound into multi-page menus. Lamination comes in gloss or matte. Sizes typically range from 8.5×11″ to 11×17″.

Synthetic Papers – Designed to mimic the flexibility of use to a laminated sheet, but without the added production time of lamination. Waterproof and tear-proof, a game changer for restaurant menus.

Kids’ Menus and Activity Sheets – Something to keep the kids entertained, happy, and quiet. These are printed on heavy copy paper and usually include the menu for the younger humans in your party. We offer many stock designs to customize with your logo and menu.

To Go Menus – Most often, these are a lighter, paper version of your normal menu. We print these on uncoated or coated (glossy) paper and usually fold them to reduce the overall size. Many times we will shrink from the original size to start. Considerably less cost than standard menus and a great way to get repeat business without filling up seats.

Marquee Menus – These are typically at quick serve restaurants and display the entire menu behind the order counter. There are just as many options here as with paper menus. Schedule a time for one of our professionals to do a walk-through with you.

Menu Design – Table turnover is how you make your money. If customers can’t make quick decisions because of bad menu layout, they won’t be back and you will have longer service times. We are blessed to have a graphic designer on our staff that specializes in restaurant marketing. Together we can showcase your restaurant’s best features.