Outfitting your team, whether it is your sales team or your little league team, has never been easier. Technology keeps advancing and giving us more options for apparel decoration.

Embroidery – Perfect for 1 – 5000 pieces, embroidery provides a look of class great for polos, wovens, hats, and outer wear. Embroidery starts with digitizing the artwork, mapping out how the stitches will lay, then utilizes multiple colors of thread to stitch your message. Long wearing decoration.

Screen Printing – The solution for big runs to drive the price down. Screen printing is best with few colors, as each color requires its own screen. Once you have the screens set up though, running a few more shirts isn’t a big deal. Great for family reunions and large groups. Ink is long lasting.

Direct to Garment / DTG/ D2G – This is the route to go with full color images and short runs. DTG works best with 100% cotton, but can used on cotton/poly blends. The inks are applied with a large inkjet printer and cured using heat. Shorter print life, but still 40+ washes gives plenty of wear.

Heat Press Vinyl / HPV – Best for single color designs and small batches, also a good solution for nylon outer wear. Like it sounds, heat press vinyl uses heat and pressure to adhere to the apparel. Also a great way to customize backpacks or duffels or adding a player name or number to a batch of uniforms.

Go Print USA is happy to provide all these methods, and watches the horizon for new technologies, to insure you get the right solution for your apparel needs. We have accounts with many of the leading apparel suppliers. and can get most any brand you are looking for, even name brands.

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This handy guide can help you make the decisions to outfit your workplace. https://www.sanmar.com/marketing/workwear?WT.mc_id=EC_020718_SO_work